#TVD Series Rewatch: Season Six Part I by Kaiden Klein #VampireDiaries

This post is part of a 16 piece rewatch series here on the BWC blog.  Each week is hosted by one of the BWC authors, and they write the rewatch post for half of a season.  For more information about this week’s author, be sure to check out the information included at the bottom of the post.  Thank you and enjoy the rewatch hijinx!



Have you ever been assigned a task you couldn’t wait to get to work on? Well, when I signed up to do this rewatch post discussing the first half of season six, it meant binge watching The Vampire Diaries (TVD) from the beginning. For weeks and hours at a time, I sat in front the television, eating popcorn, wrapped in my favorite throw, with tissues nearby, staring at Damon and being introduced to my favorite characters all over.

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#CoverReveal! Bone Orchard by Kaiden Klein

Small towns keep secrets well, but restless souls never sleep.

Bayou Lafitte was supposed to be just another stop along the way until Bonnie decided to take a popular swamp tour. Before long, she’s pulled into a decade old missing persons case, haunted by the ghost of a girl she now knows is dead.

With all paths leading to nowhere, Bonnie finds herself trapped. The only way to move on is to find out where the girl’s remains are and put them to rest. But first, she must uncover the truth and doing so won’t be easy.

Secrets kept by the residents of this small, bayou town, will make this endeavor one she’ll likely never forget.

About Kaiden Klein

Kaiden enjoys writing and staying in touch with each of her characters, keeping her fans updated as their lives progress (even behind the scenes…check out the website). She loves creating complex characters whose lives are filled with drama. A great deal of time is put into developing her characters, including the ones who seem to go in their own direction.

Kaiden writes compelling Mystery, Suspense, and Contemporary romance stories. Although her works are fiction, some of her stories may be based on actual events. Her stories will do more than entertain you, they’ll leave you wanting more.

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