Chrysalis Lights by Lori Titus

Unexpected news reaches Bonnie Bennett in the form of one last gift from her grandmother; a lake house in the small town of Chrysalis, South Carolina. Eager to see her new property, she decides to go see the place where Grams once lived. Chrysalis has its own secrets, a heady magic, and with the coming of the northern lights, the veil between dimensions is growing thin.

Bonnie faces secrets from a past she knows little about. Why hadn’t Grams ever spoken about this town or the time that she spent there? An evil from the past has resurfaced, and it’s up to Bonnie to figure out the connection and save the life of a young witch that hangs in the balance.


About Lori Titus

Lori Titus is a Californian with an affinity for dark fiction. Her work explores mysticism and reality, treading the blurred line between man and monster. She thrives on coffee and daydreams when she isn’t writing or plotting out her next story. 

Her latest releases are The Art of Shadows (The Marradith Ryder Series, Book 2), and Blood Relations, a paranormal tale of religious fanaticism and murder in a small town.

Her work includes The Bell House, Hunting in Closed Spaces (The Marradith Ryder Series, Part 1), The Moon Goddess, and Marradith, Darkly.

Short works include Lazarus, Green Water Lullaby, and Hailey’s Shadow.

She is also the co-author of two post-apocalyptic books with horror alum, Crystal Connor, under the pen name Connor Titus: The Guardians of Man and The End is Now.

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